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    The Drug Virgins

    I finally finished my short story prequel The Drug Virgins. The first draft was about 15 pages, however, after sending it to my editor she recommended I chop it in half. Though I hate not using something I've written I agreed with her.

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    When You Can't Shake It Off

    http://www.jennifergillham.com/military-life-musings/cantshakeitoffWe just finished a five week military related separation. I shared about the ups and downs and lessons learned.*Check out my new blog at my new website! *I plan on keeping this website (JLGillham.com) and using it exclusively for Young Adult Fiction.

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    June Military Spouse of the Month

    Thank you Katherine for all your efforts helping military spouses, future military members and all those around you!

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    Twists and Turns

    A New Direction for the Military Spouse Book   When I began working on the military spouse book I had a very clear picture of what it would look like. That was a modern version of Chicken Soup for the Military Wife’s Soul. My goal was 20-30 military spouses submitting a personal story, poem or even work of fiction approximately 3 pages in length or less.

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 Six months before Cola turned eighteen in Drug Virgin Hypocrite, she met the Drug VirginS. Read how it all began in this free short story prequel.

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