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    Updated Title

    I engaged with friends and fans on Facebook about the title. Originally I planned on going with Drug Virgin Hypocrite. Other titles were thrown around including:Straight EdgeDaughter of HypocrisySecrets of a Straight Edge GirlStrait Edge MasqueradeStraight Edge SanctimonyStraight Edge HypocriteI've decided on Dancing on the Straight Edge.

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    Cover Ad Teaser

    Playing around with some potential advertisements

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    Book Cover Reveal

    I am thrilled to reveal my book cover for Drug Virgin Hypocrite. I was going to wait until the spring to get the cover design started, but I was just too excited. I loved working with Molly at We got you Covered Book Design and highly recommend her if you are in the market for not only book covers, but so much more. I wanted a cover with vibrant colors and the electric feel of the story.

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    The Drug Virgins

    I finally finished my short story prequel The Drug Virgins. The first draft was about 15 pages, however, after sending it to my editor she recommended I chop it in half. Though I hate not using something I've written I agreed with her.

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 Six months before Cola turned eighteen in Dancing on the Straight Edge, she met the Drug Virgins. Read how it all began in this free short story prequel.

 The Drug Virgins Short Story Prequel.pdf




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