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If you’re wondering where I've been this last year, my answer is under the covers. It feels like I’ve had one long migraine that spanned over sixteen months. I morphed from a semi-normal person into a sweatpants wearing, dipping out of every event early or just skipping it altogether, make-up free, hair never done hermit. During the marriage retreat this weekend I sat in the second row wearing a hat and shades to block out the fluorescent migraine magnets.

The simple act of driving my kiddies two miles to school made me nauseous and usually required an hour nap after. Yes, yes, for those of you who know me well that nap is not a far cry from my usual introverted, insomnia zombie self. However, the migraines revved up my need for dark, quiet places.

My love for writing can sometimes be all consuming. It can cut in line in front of my family, my friends, and even my self-worth in God. Along side of the joy was always a weight to write, write, write! The creative crafting drill sergeant was the devil on my shoulder (not so quietly whispering hurry up and get a book out, or another one). I even made it through my first writing/publishing conference recently. While I loved it the pressing weight of performance continued to grow.

My love is to scribble whimsical nonsense on a page and hope it is worth someone else’s second glance. Having that joy stripped from me this year (and even my second joy of reading) has been, well, depressing. I could have filled up every coffee mug in my house with tears of frustration at the lack of joyful activities in my life. And on top of that was the physical agony that had me an ounce of pain away from going to the ER countless times.

In that migraine driven stripping away desolation I actually found freedom. The same week I let go of the need to write, I found the beginning of freedom from the migraines. My relief came in the surprising form of…Botox! While mildly painful, my now baby smooth face scrunches up in agony much less. As I am slowly recovering I have taken an interest in audio books (which I formerly hated), seeing as that I can’t even read more than a text message without dizziness. I haven’t been writing at all until now. However, I have grown a lot in my priorities.

So, hopefully I can get back on the writing bandwagon. Except now the drill sergeant doesn't have a slot on my shoulder anymore. I can enjoy the freedom to write a little, a lot, nonsense, or poetic prose. A friend and I have combined forces and are working on a top secret television pilot. I've met with a handful of wonderful friends to help give encouragement and direction for their stories. Also, the last book I worked on as a ghostwriter just came out. I can’t wait to see how well it does.

So hopefully if you run into me on the streets I will no longer be in sweats and hiding under a hat and sunglasses. You’ll see a genuine smile on my newly wrinkle-free face.

Here is a link to the author I worked with and his book that just came out:




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1. jerrad wrote:
Good stuff...glad that you are back!

Thu, November 13, 2014 @ 8:27 PM

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