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Tips to Create Your Own Book Cover Fan Photos

I found a way to merge my love for reading/writing, traveling, and photography. I’m calling it Book Cover Fan Photos. What’s the point, you ask? Good question. 

The idea started with me wanting to market outside the box. I wanted to come up with interesting and different ways to get a fan or potential reader to pause for even one second on my book promotion. 

I also want to encourage fan engagement. I might post a picture of me holding my book with Big Ben in the background. Then have a contest. Each fan could post a fun or silly picture holding my book in whatever location they want. Whichever one gets the most likes gets a prize. 


So with the idea in mind, my photographer friend, Erica, and I went to London recently. Erica took pictures of me holding up a tablet. On it were different book covers from mostly Young Adult indie authors (and a business logo).

One at a time Erica clicked away to get a picture of each cover with iconic views of things like Big Ben and The London Eye in the background.

We learned a few things along the way. 


First, take pictures at different times of the day. My favorites were at twilight. The covers seemed to pop more, however, anything white was harder to see.

Second, don’t rush. There were throngs of sightseers bumping into us and walking between us as Erica took pictures.


Third, cover any brand names with your finger. If you are lazy like me and don’t want to edit in photoshop, make sure to put your thumb over the tablet name.

Fourth, the bigger the electronic device the better. Originally, I planned on using my cell phone to display the book covers. Erica convinced me to use my tablet, which is 3x larger. I’m glad she did, because the book covers are so much easier to see.

Fifth, take multiple shots of each cover. Erica took two or three of each book cover. Once we looked at the pictures back at her house, some wouldn’t have been usable. My head blocked too much of the cover or there was a lot of glare.



 Sixth, beware of the glare. Well, actually the glare turned out to look kinda cool on some of the pictures. On a few you can see my face reflecting as I glance at the cover. 

Seven, try different views in the background. 

You might be surprised what looks better.


With each new country I travel to (at least six in the next six months), I will continue to improve my Book Cover Fan Photos. 

And share my photos and tips with you.

Special thanks to:

Here is a list of the books above in the order they appear (Click on them to see them at Amazon):

Dancing on the Straight Edge (my book out this summer)


Queen of Chaos

Risen Gods

Ghost Hand

Ancient Guardians

Fairy Eyeglasses


Somewhere Between

Haunting Happily Ever After (A short story I'm working on)


Fire in Frost


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