Noelle, nicknamed Princess Claus, is next in line to become Santa. Since before her birth an evil elf has been out to kidnap Princess Claus to ruin Christmas. In an attempt to keep her safe her parents have kept her inside Winter Wonderland all her life. But, she'll do everything in her power to escape her so-called snow globe prison. Will she find a way out? Find out soon in the first story in the Chronicles of Winter Wonderland.

Inside the book is a link leading to a music video of the original song I wrote for the book! It is called Snow Globe Prison. Here is the song cover made to match the look of the book. Link to music video coming soon (if you want to check the song out before reading the story).

Check out the music video:

Also, check out the snowflake alphabet!

Legacies are inherited, but they must be chosen.

Will Princess Claus embrace the life she's always been told to live 

or will she leave behind all she's ever known?

Find out in

Princess Claus

and the Great Escape

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