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    May Military Spouse of the Month

    Cely is one of the most self-less, kind, generous women I know. She is a great encouragement to the community in not only word, but also action.  Cely, Thanks for all your sacrifices not only lately, but also in the past couple of years! 

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    Self-Publishing. Where to Start

    My friend Wendi sent me this message. I decided to blog the answer since these are the most common things someone considering self-publishing wants to know. ** Drag Link/Files HereDrop Files HereDrop Link HereJennifer!

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    Military Spouse of the Month

    Thanks, Erica! She is a former active duty member not only doing an amazing job taking care of her family when her husband is home or deployed, but is also an encouragement to the military spouse community.

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    First Brag Board Pics

     Just made my first two Brag Board pictures. Testing out the process. If you want to share them you can right click on the picture and copy then paste wherever you want.

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    What Does It Take to Be a Military Spouse?

    Check out my newest blog for an update: http://jlgillham.com/twistsandturns *** Here are a couple of questions to consider if you would like to submit a quote for the milspouse book.    *** Whether the military member is fighting for our nation at home or halfway across the world, the spouse is often fighting for the family. Military spouses often have to endure challenges unique to their role. These challenges can be faced on a conscious or subconscious level.

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    And the Foreword Writer Is...

    I am thrilled to finally announce who the writer of the foreword is for the military spouse book, Our Battle Cry. If I could've picked anyone in the entire world (literally) it would've been this person. On my personal facebook page I referred to her as the military royal, someone high up in the ranks.

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    Writing is your art

    Can you be brave enough to share the gift of your writing?Even with all the writing I’ve already done and shared, letting others read what I’ve just put out into the world is often still hard. Like many writers who’ve been brave enough to share their creativity with words, I’ve received a broad range of comments. They’ve included teary-eyed praise to looks of confusion.

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