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    Author Content Marketing Nonfiction Book

    For a while now I've been working on a nonfiction book. I constantly go back forth with whether or not I want to spend any more time on it. I already write in two different genres under two names, and it's a stretch.

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    Cambridge Versus London

    Cambridge and London are probably my top 2 places I love to take pictures of book covers. Cambridge, because not only is it famous, but because it was just a stones throw from me. London, well, because it's London!What I love about Cambridge is the quadruple row of phone booths. Though no longer in service, red phone booths in England are iconic.

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    Spinning Fire Ball

    I got the chance to visit my best friend, Erica, in Colorado last weekend. We went to  the painted mines (pic below).She is an amazing photographer. In the 4 days we did 5 photo shoots.

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    Mermaid Book Cover Photo Shoot

    I'm currently soaking up all the sun rays I can after 3 fun years of traveling while living in England. I'll miss all my castle visits and travels, but it's good to be home.Here's one of my Mermaid Book Cover Photo Shoot Pics.This was taken in Maryland right after I broke my camera lens. So I borrowed a friend's lens, only to discover it is for shooting from far away.

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    I love Instagram

    (Mustard Field at Avebury Henge)I've been enjoying Instagram. I find myself posting pictures and little bits of funny stories on there more and more often lately. If you'd like to keep up with all the craziness of my writing and book cover photography adventures follow me on Instagram.

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    Book: Dancing on the Straight Edge

    Available Now!Have you ever had a secret that threatened to destroy your world? Seventeen-year-old Cola is living a double life. As part of the Straight Edge Group, she's committed to staying away from drugs and alcohol.

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    Sunset Race

    When Montana’s world is turned upside down she has no choice but to compete in a new sport that is as breath-taking as it is terrifying. After facing each challenge in training one greater appears. But none as dangerous as the first competition, the Sunset Races.PrologueThe wind encircles me like a ghost trying to pull me to the underworld.

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Six months before Cola turned eighteen in Dancing on the Straight Edge, she met the Drug Virgins. Read how it all began in this free short story prequel. & More!






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