Crab in the Castle


I’ve had numerous friends ask me to blog about being an American military family living in the UK. I’ve finally decided to dive in. I’m titling this post (and subtitling this section of blogs) Crab in the Castle. At my core I’m a Maryland girl. Give me seafood, the smell of salt water and D.C. to run around, and I’m content. However, this crab is having to learn how to live with beautiful but crumbling castles, fish and chips, and sunlight for about 2 hours a week. I’m feeling quite homesick living across the pond. If every month I can’t get within viewing distance of a body of water larger than a pond, I feel like a crab out of water.

Like me, my boys are into anything beach related. That includes shrimp to eat or watch through a glass wall, sharks and sand. To fill up on feeling beachy the family decided to visit a Sea Life aquarium, a chain here in the UK. We bought a year pass so we can go to any of them. After spending over two hours getting to know every animal and exhibit (and spending 30 minutes at their indoor play area) we ventured into the back yard. The Greater Yarmouth aquarium is located on the beach, the east coast of England.

In England it rains often, but it’s usually more of a small fit than an all-out temper tantrum. We’ve learned to never leave the house without some form of clothing which includes a hood. So we hooded up and raced to the water. It didn’t matter that it was about 30 degrees outside or that the wind literally blew us away at close to 40 mph.

There were no other crazy people like us near the waves so we felt like we had the entire ocean to ourselves. For all of about three minutes. Soon the wind got so bad we couldn’t see. The sand hit us hard, including our eyes. We raced back to the safety of our car, laughing all the way. Even though it was an hour and a half drive to get there and the cold temperature and desert like sand storm drove us away from the beach, for three minutes I felt like I was home again. A crab back in the water, instead of finding her way around an unfamiliar castle.

In the past five months since getting stationed in England my husband Jerrad’s gone out of town with the military twice. He’s missed some big events (soon to be blogged about titled, “Happy Snacksgiving”). However, I’m not going to complain too much. As long as I’m less than half a day’s drive from the beach I feel like this crab can always crawl home for a little while.


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1. Kayla Sprinkel wrote:
Even with all the weather misfortune I hope the "crab" in you was satisfied! I was unaware that places like this even existed here. Living here as well I have noticed that the sun does not like to make an appearance so coming from Arizona it has definitely made me home sick. Glad you were able to find a little bit of home across the pond!Thanks for sharing, we will have to check it out.

Fri, February 19, 2016 @ 12:40 PM

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